Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Job building Terracotta

Opportunistic would be the best way to describe our hiring style at Terracotta. We always have our eyes open for the super sharp so I figured I would post about what we generally look for and see if anyone out there shows up to make more magic happen for us. I talked a bit about what I think people should look for when hiring in my blog on teams.

If you are:

Passionate - Do you actually love having complex problems to solve. Can you not sleep at night thinking about how best to design, factor, improve software. Are you always striving for improvement and learning.

Knowledgeable - I'm not going to list a bunch of frameworks here. The knowledge we mostly look for is about knowing how to solve tough problems. The one thing that is a must is you must know multi-threaded programming. Having experience building some kind of infrastructure software is a big plus. Whether it's building an App server, a database or jms system isn't so important but knowing how to build things that need to be scalable is a big plus (just to be clear, not using those things, building them). For some of our stuff knowing classloaders cold and byte code manipulation is a big plus as well. Most of all you must love and be good at writing software.

Respect/Teamwork - This is complex stuff and we are not a big company so you need to be able to talk to and work with others. No room for people who are pedantic and or self serving. It has to be about the product and the software for you not the title. This is true no matter what role you are looking at filling.

Judgement - Each person has to have excellent judgment. Must be able to focus on what's important. If you don't know something, that's not a problem but communicate, ask questions don't rat hole and don't hide problems.

Intelligence - Not going to lie. You must be smart. You should be a person who can analyze and design complex algorithms. Debug and solve complex problems. We will ask you to answer algorithm questions and write some code in the interview.

I know that's a pretty tough list but if you think what we do is cool and fit most of that please shoot your resume to careers at terracottatech dot com.

For those who don't already know about Terracotta here is a brief overview:

We are a well funded startup based in San Francisco but with developers all over the world. Our product is open source network attached memory for Java and is probably the most interesting and diverse product one could work on stretching from distributed computing, to byte code manipulation.

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