Friday, September 21, 2007

Goodbye Randy Pausch

Don't need to be a geek to learn from this one. One of the best CS professors I ever had is going too pass in the next month or so at the way to young age of 46. He has inoperable pancreatic cancer. For those who had the luck to have met or learned from him and for those who have not, this is his must see last lecture.

The Lecture
WSJ piece on him

Also check out some of his projects:

A bunch of his papers

My best to his family and friends and may his legacy live on. I only wish I could take one more class with you at the helm.


Anonymous said...

Don't write a public obituary before someone has died!

Steve Harris said...

Generally speaking, I like to say goodbye to someone before they leave the room when possible. So they can hear it.

Anonymous said...


You may have applied your principles and what not in your post. Fine. But honestly, don't you feel it would have been much better to emphasize on Dr. Randy's lecture and the essence if it rather than you too, like other thousands, trying to portray "Dr. Randy is dying ... Dr. Randy will soon die..." No offense please. Remember, he too might be doing a search and hitting your page. Can't we all make him feel that we admire and got inspired with his talk rather than portraying his illness? Cheers.

Anonymous said...

ya, I agreed with the last post. Doctor said he will have good health for 3-6months, it doesnt mean that he will just have 3-6months of life time left. In his home page, he mentioned he has 45% of chance to survive for 5 years. So Dont say "Goodbye" too early. That's really not so nice!!

Steve Harris said...

Hope you all are right. The way I heard it he has a few weeks to a few months to live. I'm not so worried about the details. If a few more people get to hear of a great teacher and hear his last lecture than I'm happy.

randrews416 said...

I watched Dr. Pausch's lecture on Oprah's show today - he has such a strong presence it's almost unimaginable that he is so ill. In the midst of everything that is happening with his life - please, don't forget the fact that miracles do happen - pray for him and his family.

Anonymous said...

His spirit will someday pass into the next world as will all of ours someday. He has touched so many lives for the better and will not be forgotten. As long as he lives in our hearts and memories which he will, he will live forever.
Thank you Randy