Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The New "My Yahoo" Homepage

I have used as my home page for a long time. Here are my comments on the new version they are pushing lately.

- I'm not thrilled with the giant square advertisement in the upper left and most important space on the page. You can move it to the right side with the layout control but it still isn't my favorite. It's giant, square and flashy and for me a bit annoying as compared to the old layout.

- The left side blocks are too wide. I like to glance at that stuff but it doesn't have a lot of text and tends to not need the extra width. It is about 50 percent wider than it was in the old version.

- I like the idea of the personal assistant thing. It has mail, stocks and some less useful stuff in a very useful spot. My problem with it is that it grows on hover. Things that take major actions on hover kind of bug me. Mostly they just make me do the action by accident and add no real value.

- I'm not sure if it's a bigger font or more white space but it feels like I have to do a lot more scrolling to see my rss feeds.

Fear not, it's not all bad, the personalization stuff while lacking enough control is visually pleasing and trivial to use.

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