Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Welcome EHCache Community

I'm excited to be welcoming Greg Luck and the EHCache community to the Terracotta family. EHCache is an extremely useful/usable product and nearly ubiquitous in the caching space. Greg has spent years solving the important real world problems associated with building highly performant applications. The Terracotta Dev team is very much looking forward to helping accelerate EHCache's development as well as provide the best possible integration with the Terracotta product family.

EHCache will remain under the Apache 2 license and we have created the beginnings of a new website at www.ehcache.org. Greg will continue to drive EHCache's vision and direction, as well as being highly involved in it's development. He will also be instrumental in helping Terracotta to define and build out our caching strategy as a whole. His vision, as well as the EHCache community's help are essential in allowing us to together take these products to the next level.

We see a great future of product offerings for your desktop app, on your servers and in your cloud solving the scale/performance problems of today, tomorrow and beyond.


Kirk Wylie said...

Hi, Steve,

At the moment that link to www.ehcache.org goes to a GoDaddy parking site.

Steve Harris said...

Works for me but I'll pass it along to the IT guys and see what they say.