Friday, November 06, 2009

Welcome James House and The Quartz Community

I'm excited to be welcoming James House and Quartz to the Terracotta and Ehcache Fold. The Terracotta dev and field teams have long believed that scheduling and coordination are hugely important parts of applications from single node to scaled out architecture. In Java that leads you to one place. Quartz! We believe James and Quartz are an excellent fit with our community and suite of products that are useful from single node to the cloud.

Quartz Scheduler is both a best of bread and a ubiquitous product. We are getting right to work on contributing. The first step along the path is the Mavenization and Hudsonifaction of the Quartz project which has already been completed! We also are ready with a beta version of Quartz Terracotta Express edition. It's an HA/Durability/scale-out version of Quartz that requires no DB and is so simple it can be leveraged in minutes by existing Quartz users. We look forward to working with James to create the most usable and useful enterprise class open source scheduler available and the enterprise class support product to go with it. We have lots of great feature ideas and we look forward to the journey ahead.

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