Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ehcache To The Rescue (Comic Strip)

Working on a product that has as much adoption as Ehcache is extremely rewarding. Every day millions of people's applications run faster with this tiny little library. It's one of those, "Of course I use it, doesn't everyone " kinds of products and what Greg Luck has accomplished with it is really amazing. One of the challenges we face as we improve and extend it's functionality is getting the story out to those million or so users. Yes, it's still an extremely fast extremely light weight library that pretty much everyone just uses. But it also future proofs your app with snap-in scale-up, scale-out and HA each with just 2 lines of configuration.

In the coming release we are adding Search, Local Transactions and an even better BigMemory (We've been regularly testing with 2 billion entries in memory with linear, predictable, fast, performance but that's another blog) and we want people to know about this stuff, try it, and give feedback so we can constantly make it better.

Anyway, after watching an inspiring talk from Edward Tufte on visual representation I've been experimenting with ideas on how to teach people about Ehcache in quick, fun ways. In the process I wrote my very first comic strip. Check it out...


Anonymous said...

Either their clock is broken or they are moving away from us at light speed.

Steve Harris said...

12 hour increments. Or a lazy comic creator who copied stock images ;-)