Monday, February 14, 2011

Quick 5:41 Intro To Ehcache Search (Now GA)

Ehcache 2.4 went GA today. Still lightweight (under 1MB) and still backward compatible to 1.x so no reason not to give it a try. Below are the highlights and a short video on getting started with Ehcache Search:
  • Search - Brand new search API. Allows one to get beyond the key based lookup of objects (Check out this sample)
  • Local Transactions - Fast optimistic concurrency without the need for a TransactionManager (Check out this sample)
  • Bigger BigMemory (ee) - 2 Billion entries, 1.3 million TPS, Extreme predictability for meeting SLA's
  • Bigger Disk Store (ee) - Swap your Ehcache to disk. Grow to hundreds of gigs with no on heap footprint
In the past I've enjoyed short videos that teach me something. This is my first try at doing one to benefit others. I've created this short 5 minute 41 second video to get people started on using Ehcache Search...

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