Monday, November 29, 2010

Quartz Scheduler 2.0 Beta 1 Welcomes New Fluent API and "Where"

Quartz Scheduler, the most widely used Java scheduler is getting some major improvements for 2.0. I'm going to talk a little about what to expect but you can also read the release notes here.


We had two major goals when planning for Quartz 2.0 began.
  • Simplify/modernize the Quartz API.
  • Improve the Quartz experience when leveraging a cluster
Quart 2.0 API

In order to improve the usability and readability of Quartz 2.0 over passed versions we spent a lot of time evaluating the parts and how a user interacts with them. We found that too much knowledge of those parts needed to be understood at construction time. As a result we moved to a "Fluent API/DSL" approach. The best way to get a feel for the kind of improvement this gives is to compare the samples from 1.8.4 to the same ones translated in 2.0 Beta 1.

In the simple of case of example 1 from the Quartz Kit you can see the basic philosophy change:

Improvements include:

  • The date/time related methods have been moved off of the Trigger and Job classes into a Date building class called "DateBuilder"
  • We've removed the need to know details about which Job and Trigger classes you need and instead infer them through the building methods you call.
  • The construction now reads more like a sentence. new job withIdentity "job1", "group1". new trigger withIdentity "trigger1", "group1" start at runTime
This is pretty subtle in a simple case like example 1 but gets more obvious as the cases get more complex. Let's look at example 2.

In this case notice how the constructors are growing with no real indication to what each parameter means.

Now lets look at an example where you have to choose a specific Trigger type.

This example shows how in Quartz 1.8.4 you would have to know to select a different Trigger type but in 2.0 it's just abstracted away in the scheduling.

It's worth going through the samples yourself and making any suggestions you may have. Still plenty of time to get your API suggestions in via the Quartz Forum!

Quartz "Where" And Other Improvements

Clustered Quartz has gotten two major improvements in 2.0. Improved performance as node count increases and Quartz "Where"

I wrote a blog about this a while back but now you can play with it. Alex Snaps has written an excellent blog with code samples on the topic. Check it out to really dig in.

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